Users visiting (hereinafter referred to as the site) and users who subscribe to the site as a buyer or seller are deemed to have read, understood, and accepted the following Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and KVK Text.
1. Users who enter the site and become a member accept and declare that they have provided their e-mail address and other personal information correctly. Boojaro is not responsible for the inaccuracy of the login information provided while registering to the site.
2. Users accept that the information and content they enter on the site is not private or confidential information. reserves the right to use the information and content entered in public domains.
3. Site membership is personal only. It cannot be transferred or sold to another person or institution. In such cases, the site may suspend the said user account.
4. Members cannot share the works of another person on the site. He declares that he owns all trademark and usage rights. Otherwise, the user is responsible for all conflicts that may arise. cannot be held responsible for copyright violations of the content and works that the user enters on the site. It is not responsible for controlling such situations.
5. At the end of the job, the buyer comments on the job. If he wishes, he can publish the work he has received in the works delivered by the seller.
6. Users registered on the site cannot publish any documents, videos or pictures that do not belong to them and have commercial purposes. It declares and accepts that all information, documents, videos or pictures published in the advertisements are their copyright and usage rights.
7. In case of violation of this contract, the user who uses the site and causes the violation will cover all losses and compensations of the injured person.
8. invoices the vendors for the commission it receives for its service. VAT invoices are not issued for the products sold on the site.
9. According to the Turkish tax system and practices, situations may arise where users have to pay taxes as a result of their transactions on is not responsible for this and similar situations. All tax liabilities that may arise are the responsibility of the sellers.
10. has the right to remove users from the system it deems necessary without the need for any warning.
11. is not responsible for any problems or errors that may occur on the site due to technical problems.
12. undertakes that it will not sell the personal information and e-mail addresses of the users who are members of the site to any person or institution other than and will not give them in exchange for money or any other exchange.
13. Users visiting the site and users who subscribe to the site as a buyer or seller are deemed to have read, understood, and accepted the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and KVK Text.

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