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the art of gettin him

Is there a man you want to get?

 Do you want to arouse interest in him, win his liking, make him admire you and conquer his heart?

Then you are at the right place!

This e-book which you can read and finish in maximum 3 days is a unique source of information that will show you how to win a man’s love step by step and lead to a happy ending!

You can shock your friends who know what you feel about him in a short time. 

Who can benefit? 

  • Those who have not yet had any conversation with their target man
  • Those who are in touch with their target man in a friendly way
  • Those who have a vague relationship with their target man but are not happy with the way it is going

If you fall into one of these categories, you can be sure that you will find all the information you need in this e-book and reach a happy ending in a short period of time!

Roonin Stark who will give you the step-by-step formulas that will get you the love sure will be your best friend after today!

Read in 3 days maximum!

Discover the formulas that will bring you, love!

Roonin Stark Gives You the Formula for Love! 

Years ago, Ayla, a close friend of Roonin, fell in love with a man. Her passion grew, but she couldn’t get him to pay attention to her. Whatever she did, she wasn’t able to impress him. Ayla was forced to watch even as the man she was in love with got involved with other women.

One day, she came to the point where she began to cry uncontrollably while having a conversation with her friends at a party. At this party, where Roonin also was, on the one hand, Ayla was crying and on the other hand, she was speaking of her unreciprocated love. Everyone in their own right was giving advice to Ayla. ‘Do this, do that,’ etc. Ayla listened to all of this council.

When she first came together with the man she was in love with, she applied all the advice she had received from her friends, but it was only Roonin’s advice that had a positive effect. So, Ayla consulted Roonin again. As Roonin’s advice continued to receive positive results, she was no longer able to do anything without first asking him and ended up receiving and implementing a ton of advice she had received from Roonin in order to impress this man.

After almost 4 months, she started flirting with the man she was in love with, and soon after they began dating. Due to Roonin’s advice, within 4 months she began dating this man who she had had a platonic relationship for 3 years. This is just the beginning of the story.

There’s more…

One day, Roonin received a call. Ayla was the one that was calling. A girlfriend of hers had told her that she needed help just as Ayla had gotten previously.

‘I told her about you. She knows about the changes you made with me and she’s begging to see you.’

She asked whether Roonin was willing to help or not. Even though Roonin wasn’t completely willing, he didn’t turn down her offer and said yes.

She succeeded within 3 months. Before long, two others knocked on Roonin’s door. He helped a total of 4 people catch their love. However, he ended up realizing that he was spending more time with his friends than with his own life. Roonin’s family suggested that he write about what he knew. “Words vanish, but writing remains. You should write down what you know.

So, instead of talking for hours to people who want your help, give them what you have written and let them read it. They will then have the information they need and you end up saving time.” Roonin did this. After that, anytime someone asked him for help, he would say “Give me your email address, I will tell you everything you need to know by email. You’ll apply what you read.” In this manner, that first year 16 more people got what they wanted in their love life.

Roonin gained a small-scale reputation among the friends of his friends and their friends. After that, a friend of Roonin’s said, “I think you should take this ability seriously, and you should go bigger with what you have written. Why shouldn’t more people from all over the world also benefit from it? This idea sounded right to Roonin and so he decided to write what he knew in a book, and he did this very thing.

Roonin is not technically a writer. He’s not someone who has a certificate of expertise in relationships. He is just someone who has observed relationships very well and has made some useful determinations based on his observations.

This is the story behind Roonin’s writing and publishing books on relationships between men and women. It is a personal work that started with the helping of a friend and in the end ended up spreading out across the world.


Changes You Will Experience in Your Life:

After three days of learning:

  • You’re going to prove to yourself that you can win the heart of the man you are interested in in a short time
  • You will be able to communicate with him smoothly
  • You will experience the pleasure and confidence of managing the mind of any man you may get interested in throughout your life, not just the man who is now the target
  • From now on, you will never have a problem that a man doesn’t show you the interest you have been waiting for
  • You will win other women’s and your relatives’ appreciation
  • You will have the control of your love life completely

Read in 3 days maximum!

Discover the formulas that will bring you, love!

How Will He Make You Win Love?

Roonin follows such a path: After first ensuring that you make positive changes about yourself, then he conveys what you should and should not do to influence the man you are interested in. The course of the book first contributes to you changing yourself. As you change, the man who you are in love with also will begin acting differently towards you.

He tells you what you need to do and not do in an orderly fashion in order to impress the man you are interested in!

What Are the Formulas That Win Love? 

Roonin writes, “Gaining a man’s interest and maintaining that interest is dependent upon many factors that are dependent and independent of one another. You can’t make a man fall in love with you by doing just one thing, just like snapping your fingers, but if you do all the things that need to be done, you can have a lasting impact upon that man. Therefore, you should look at the information I give you as a whole and take all of it seriously. I know very well how the male brain works. I also know quite well the mistakes that women frequently make, and I will share with you everything I know. You’ll see yourself how you’re making strides towards happiness once you put into practice everything I suggest step by step. Don’t worry, it won’t be difficult, because, on the road map I’ve prepared, I’m mostly going to ask you to change yourself. The biggest part of getting a man to fall in love with you is to change yourself. That’s because when you change, he also starts to change. If you can consistently discipline yourself and apply the suggestions I put forward, it will be easy to get him to fall in love with you.”

I know exactly how the male brain works. I know very well the mistakes that women do frequently and I will share with you all the things I know. 

Roonin Stark’s Special Request

Just as in every relationship type, I give great importance to sincerity in relationships between men and women. For this reason, I ask that you really do implement the information in this e-book towards the man you are interested in and with whom you are desiring to have a relationship. Don’t try to get a man to fall in love with you as part of a bet, that is ambitious, or for whatever reason that you do not actually love. Even if I don’t find out, I would be very upset to find that a little of my seasoning broke another’s heart, and so I ask that you are sensitive about this.

‘A Happy Ending’ is the point where all people with good hearts should eventually arrive. I believe this with all my heart. Even if life sometimes gives us moments where we think, ‘it didn’t work out like I had hoped,’ in the end we should see that ‘The Good Always Wins.’

Read in 3 days maximum!

Discover the formulas that will bring you, love!

If you apply Roonin Stark’s advice properly, reaching happiness will not be just a dream. This e-book, which is based on the psychological tendencies of Roonin Stark and many men he knows, conveys the road map he has made for you female readers.

What’s inside the set?

Table of Content

  • The Art of Getting Him – Make yourself adorable!!!

A big part of what you should do and not, to win the love of that man you are interested in is explained in this main book. You can find in this main book what kind of ideal woman lies in every man’s subconscious mind and by doing what he can model this ideal woman one by one with exemplary scenarios.

  • Bonus 1:  İmpression test & Make me Over

Even if you trust the impression that you have left on that man, the situation may not be the same as you thought because the brains of men and women work differently! With this bonus book, you can test how successful the impression you have left on that man and around you is and discover what you need to do to improve yourself.

  • Bonus 2:  Jealousy Test & Don’t be Captive by Jealousy

Jealousy is a very important factor which destroys the attraction that a man has for a woman because men consider women who feel jealous as fearful of her competitors, insecure and problematic. With this bonus book, you can measure your degree of jealousy and learn how to get rid of this feeling, how to draw, around you and of course to that man, the image of a highly self-confident woman.

  • Bonus 3: Chatting with Him – Your online chat guide

You have to know very well how to use chat and social media tools! The language, approaching style and sentences you will use in these areas can finish you in an instant or glorify you like a goddess. With this bonus book, you can learn what to do and what not to do on all platforms, from Facebook to WhatsApp, and how to approach that man on these platforms.

  • Bonus 4: Meeting & Developing a Dialogue with Him

This is a unique book for those who do not find the interaction with their target man well enough. Simple methods to strengthen your dialogue will make it quite easy for you to cultivate a relationship. Improved dating methods for those who have not yet met the guy they like but developed a platonic love will also be in this book!

Reviews from our readers

I would like to thank my older readers who have shared with me by email their knowledge and feelings and who have let me know that I have made a difference in their love lives which gave me confidence.

Lisa M.
My best friend Roonin The benefit you have brought to my life is incredible. Thanks to your recommendations, men now love me more and I love myself more. My mom and my friends say that my new style has aroused admiration. The things that developed between me and my target guy are unbelievable. I’m both very surprised and very happy. I admit I didn’t believe in your promises before reading your book but after I realized the logic underlying your advice and got positive results, I decided that you are my best friend now. You don’t have to meet and talk face to face to be friends. Isn’t the greatest trait of friends to contribute positively to our lives? That’s what you have done to me.
Ayla C
Among all the books I have read my whole life, the one that impressed me most was The Art of Getting Him. Some time after I started reading, I caught myself laughing. Your friendly language and the blind spots you opened in my mind caused me to laugh and stimulated the release of my happiness hormones. It was really fun to start seeing what I did wrong or incomplete before the book and to discover what kind of things I could do to win love. Thanks Roonin, thank you very much.
Eileen W.
With this book, I have noticed all the wrong approaches I have been doing without realizing. It took me a month to get the man I have been chasing for two years. My friends and of course I was very surprised at this change. The human brain is really interesting. I thought I was doing everything right and did not even make a small mistake. It is really important to listen to the advice of someone who knows the matter. Thank you very much Roonin, you have removed all the curtains in front of my eyes and changed my love life completely.
Susan M.
I was surprised to see how easy it was to start a relationship with the man I was in love with, to develop love, and to see that I had not discovered these ways by myself before. It took me three days to read the book and two months to get him. You are a great mentor Roonin.
Aisha A.
I demand that this book be removed from sale! If other women continue to learn these formulas, the number of our competitors will increase. Yes I think it should be completely removed :)) I love you, Roonin.
Roonin Stark

The comments you see above are personal and do not mean authority. If the information in the book can be applied correctly, the result can vary from person to person.

the art of gettin him

$20 One Time!

Last Words

If you are still not taking action after being aware of the existence of this book and reading it up to this line, that is, if even your love for him is not motivating you, then I will tell you a secret: it means that your love for him is not true love! Be assured that your subconscious mind sees things before you do and directs you to do something or not in regard to what it sees. If so, then forget about the man you think you are in love with and make room for the man who will make you live true love. This is the only formula I can give to someone who is in a situation like yours. Because love is a very beautiful thing and good-hearted women deserve true love.

Wishing you a real love…



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